The Sims 2 “Ultimate Neighborhood” Project

Posted: December 30, 2010 in Sims 2

I think it’s once again time to embark on my Sims 2 project that I’ve been wanting to do for ages.

My goal is to create a fully customized (no pre-fab EA houses), fully functional town with all the “anemities.” That means a university, a city, a shopping district, and vacation spots.

Basically, I want to create my own little “utopia,” if you will. I did create the ultimate city setting many years ago, complete with streets that had high end lofts, and then across town was the run-down section with crack houses, strip clubs and the like. Unfortunately, I lost this ultimate city due to a harddrive crash, and never found a reason to remake it.

But now is the perfect time to do so, and expand on that.

Why don’t I use the Sims 3? The rabbit holes piss me off, and The Sims 2 is a complete game, unlike the Sims 3.

So, I’m off. I have a 3 day weekend (thanks New Years!) to get a head start.

  1. Rebecca says:

    I love Sims 2 and have recently reinstalled it! Been caught up too much in Sims 3 to do much of anything with it yet, but it’s there…waiting. 🙂

    I remember someone setting up a completely self-sufficient town where sims could only buy things that other sims were selling, and weren’t allowed to use buy mode for the objects. The Open for Business expansion really added a HUGE amount of gameplay, and i hope they eventually add something similar to Sims 3 as I also do not like the rabbitholes. I am currently experimenting with the rabbithole rugs that some modders have created where you can put a small rabbithole in one of your *own* buildings instead of the entire building being the rabbithole.

    But with all the expansions, there is so much that can be accomplished in Sims 2 that Sims 3 wouldn’t even have a dream of doing until and if gameplay is expanded.

    I look forward to hearing how your neighborhood progresses!

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