The Online Persona

My name is Michayla, although my online name has changed depending on the game and my mood. I’ve been gaming since I could remember, and I’ve been playing online since 1998. As far as online RPGs go, I’ve been known to delve into the black magical arts. Nothing is more therapeutic than blowing up foes with a fireball. However, I have been known to pick up a healing or support class or two.

I started my online gaming with the release of Starseige Tribes. Tribes is a large leap from what kind of online gaming I do now. Now, I just stick to the MMORPGs, as the first person shooters of this generation are too boring for me.

Gaming Resume

Everquest II
Personas: Michayla (and various other spellings of the same name)
Guild: The Dispossessed
Class: Warlock/Carpenter
Time Played: 2004-current (on & off)
Server: Najena (soon to be Unrest)

  • Level 90 Warlock
  • Attained my epic, Death’s Grip

Starseige Tribes
Personas: Wiccan Goddess or {XF}Goddess
Clans: {N:eVO} (New Evolution), {XF} (Xtreme Forces)
Mods: Nappy, NappyBuildMode, Renegade, Base (all Capture The Flag)
Role: Sniper, Engineer
Time Played: 1998-2006

  • Was one of the first female gamers to make it into the Top 200 Players
  • Designed a completely iron-clad defense system, complete with covered laser turrets, impenetrable entrances and exits, and re-routing of the team’s flag for all  Tribes default maps, plus some custom ones.
  • Was a key role in the destruction of the [NHOP] clan during a 5 vs. 5 match, which resulted in that clan disbanding
  • Perfected the art of sniping on the run. Was able to one shot enemies while flying through the air.
  • Built a 100-story high base

Final Fantasy XI
Personas: Aerwyn, Taryia, Katarzyna, Trystania
Linkshells: Elvaan Elite/Hokuten, Latent Effect, FundMyRelic, ClanDestine/Immortality
Servers: Remora/Leviathan, Cerberus
Jobs: White Mage (x6 characters), Dark Knight, Bard
Time Played: 2002-2009

  • Tanked Genbu as WHM/NIN
  • Duoed Promathia as WHM/NIN with a RDM/NIN
  • Finished Chains of Promathia before SE nerfed it to easy mode
  • Out-claimed botters and RMT at numerous high-value NMs
  • Fully maxed out merits on my main character
  • Successfully led and co-led many sky, limbus, and dynamis runs
  • Got GM jailed for cursing out a 12 year old (Hey, I consider it an achievement…)

World of Warcraft (Retail)
Personas: Aerwyn, Aerwin
Guild: None
Server: Fuck if I know, I played for 3 months…
Classes: Warlock, Rogue
Time Played: 2004-2004

  • Became one of the first to reach level 60 (level cap way back when) on 2 characters

World of Warcraft (Private)
Personas: Taryia
Guild: The Holy Crusaders
Servers: Proudmoore, Bad Ash
Classes: Warlock, Rogue, Mage, Paladin
Time Played: 2006-2009

  • Became an admin on Proudmoore
  • Master at sniffing out botters and cheaters, then banning their sorry asses
  • Fixed many broken quests due to a broken build and server owner’s lazieness
  • Led a mass exodus off of Proudmoore after exposing the server owner for using donation money on alcohol, drugs, and clubbing for him and his girlfriend

Personas: Katarzyna
Guild: Obsidian Dawn
Server: Israphel
Time Played: 2009-2009

Final Fantasy XIV
Persona: Katarzyna Vanhala
Guild: Order of the White Rose
Server: Figaro
Classes: Marauder, Botanist, Alchemist
Time Played: 2010-2010

Other Random Achievements

  • Beat both the original and master quest in Legend of Zelda on the NES when I was 4 years old
  • Completed A Link to the Past in just under 16 hours straight
  • Completed every ounce of storyline and questing in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion…6 times
  • Highest score in Tetris is 179 lines
  • Took 2nd place in a regional Rock Band competition

The Real Life Persona

When I’m not slaying dragons and shooting lightning out of my hands, I live a simple life in a suburb in Pennsylvania with my boyfriend of 3 years and our two cats. I work as a veterinary technician, which is a fancy way of saying “nurse for animals.” I enjoy reading, blogging (obviously), listening to music, and watching movies. I also volunteer at local animal shelters.


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